UCF Knights showcase local musical talent with the ‘Homebase Collective’ project; event tonight


Two UCF Knights, founders of music collaboration ‘Homebase Collective,’ are showcasing local music talent tonight with a tie-dye jam session just 20 minutes from campus.

UCF alumnus Marissa Brown and current UCF film student Kate Medley are two best friends who have thrusted themselves into a world they love – music.

Establishing Homebase Collective earlier this year, the two have formed a collaborative community that showcases the talent of those closest to them. With their podcast Second Story Sessions, the duo encourages Orlando residents to exercise their creative sides.

‘Homebase’ is excited to premiere the second season of their podcast at their tie-dye event tonight.

Kate and Marissa live together in the suburbs of Orlando.

“I am a recent graduate of UCF and Kate is at UCF now studying film,” Brown said.

The duo used to work together at Natura Coffee & Tea, a coffee shop and hookah lounge on Collegiate Way, where “self-expression is welcome,” according to their Facebook page.

There is entertainment every night at Natura, and the artistic atmosphere inspired their new project.

“Natura has not been just a job for us, but much more a community where we have met some of our closest friends,” Brown said. “Working there has set the tone for what we are doing at Homebase Collective.”

Earlier this year, Brown and Medley hosted a few bonfire jam sessions in their backyard, and that is where the Homebase Collective was born.

“We invited over our friends [to our bonfire get-togethers], most of whom we met at Natura, and encouraged them to bring their instruments … After seeing how much people loved these bonfire meet ups and how talented our friends were, we decided to start Homebase Collective.”

They consider their new project a “creative collective” that houses special events, as well as their podcast, which they record on the top floor of their home.

Interested listeners can find Second Story Sessions on SoundCloud.

“Our goal is to bring people together in a welcoming environment that encourages connection,” Brown said.

All music lovers can come together tonight at 9834 Surrey Ridge Rd. Orlando, FL 32825 from 7-11 p.m.

“Tie-dying is something anyone of any age can enjoy and we think that with our event skills, we can turn the act of tie-dying into a connective experience,” Brown said. “Our goal in the next year is to have a tie-dye experience tent on the 2017Vans Warped Tour.”

Bring a t-shirt and an instrument.