UCF and Aramark finalize contract for campus dining upgrades

Photo via Pictures of Money on Flickr. 
Photo via Pictures of Money on Flickr. 

After months of negotiations, UCF and the food service management company Aramark have finalized a contract outlining new and continuing dining options on campus.

According to details in the agreement, UCF has arranged to continue its existing contract with Aramark for another 10-year period. As part of that deal, Aramark has agreed to make a new financial commitment to the school totaling $17,850,000.

This money is to be broken up to cover the costs of multiple renovations on campus over the next year, with $7,350,000 for the first phase of transforming the Student Union, $1,000,000 for refreshing the primary residential facility, $2,500,000 for opening a Pollo Tropical and a Café Bustello, and another $7,000,000 for the completion of the second phase of the Student Union’s transformation.

The Pollo Tropical, Café Bustello and second phase of the Student Union’s transformation are scheduled to be completed in 2017, although Aramark has agreed to pay for the projects on or after Oct. 1 of this year.

In addition, Aramark will pay $500,000 in a brand refresh fund that will be put toward projects that both the company and UCF mutually agree upon. 

The agreement keeps in place the established food service facilities that Aramark already operates on campus, which include Nathan’s, Knightstop, Starbucks, AFC Sushi and catering services.

Aramark has made several prior financial commitments to the school totaling more than $6 million that it is in the process of paying off. Most of the commitments don’t have to be paid in full until 2026, with the exception of a $400,000 commitment for the Student Union’s former Burger King, which has to be paid by November 30.

The contract also set the casual meal rates for the campus meal plans, establishing that the rate could not be changed during the semester. The rates per meal for the Fall 2016 semester are $7.50 for breakfast and $8.50 for lunch and dinner.

The rates for meal plans have been set at $1,979 for the All Access 7 with retail plan, $1,878 for the All Access 7 without retail plan and $1,776 for the All Access 5 with retail plan.

The contract between UCF and Aramark went into effect on Sept. 1.