2018 UCF SGA presidential election guide


With UCF SGA presidential elections coming in March, here’s a breakdown of each campaign’s promises and plans for the university.

The three campaigns that announced their candidacy for UCF SGA president and vice president are Brad and Breon, Josh and Jad and Karen and Theressa.

Each duo has lengthy platforms that many students might not have time to evaluate. Although this list does not cover every platform point, it serves as an overview of what topics are different and which ones draw parallels.


Brad and Breon’s campaign plan promises to create a Hurricane Preparedness Plan, which would allow students to park their cars in parking garages on UCF’s main campus and plans for after-storm procedures such as a food drive, Brad Kuehler said.

Another main point is the construction of a UCF Police Department Dispatch Center in the Student Union.

“I would love to bring the UCF Police Department and have officers present in the heart of the Student Union,” Kuehler said.

Their safety platform also mentions adding speed limit signs in parking garages, partnering with UCF PD to ensure proper safety measures are taken at large-scale events and tailgates and opening a Safe Escort Patrol Services (SEPS) dispatch in the Student Union. SEPS is a service that allows UCF student employees of the UCF PD to use golf carts to take riders to any location on campus; it runs from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. every day of the week when classes are in session, according to its website.

Josh and Jad promise to create an “easy access” safety feature on the MyUCF app through a new app called Safe Trek. When using the app, students would press and hold a blue button when in an unsafe area, and once the button is released, students would enter a specific code that means everything is OK. Those who are still unsafe would not enter the code and UCF PD would be called, Joshua Boloña said.

Karen and Theressa promise to improve the Blue Light Emergency Phones by adding more and ensuring that they all work properly. Additionally, they want to expand the SEPS program until 3 a.m. on the weekends.

“We know that people are leaving clubs around here at two, yet [SEPS] ends at one, so it doesn’t make sense, it defers the purpose of the program,” Karen Caudillo said.

Their safety platform also includes increasing unisex self-defense class availability as well as working with UCF Legal Services to include immigration services.


Brad and Breon’s campaign promises to ensure diversity within SGA that accurately reflects the student body as well as creating an SGA Executive Branch division named “Student Advocacy.”

Josh and Jad plan to keep SGA executive cabinet applications open until at least five students apply for every position to provide a true representation on campus.

Karen and Theressa promise to create a “Diversity and Inclusion Division” within the Executive Branch Cabinet made up of multiple members who will continuously connect and advocate for all student groups.


Brad and Breon plan to host open forums for students to express concerns.

“I want to host them as often as students would want to see it,” Kuehler said.

Their platform also includes regular social media posts to update students on SGA activity and requires all cabinet members to sign a Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) waiver to ensure more transparency. FERPA is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records, according to the U.S. Department of Education’s website.

Josh and Jad promise to publish monthly presidential progress reports.

“The point of our transparent progress reports is not only putting [what we have or have not done], its [showing] where we are,” Boloña said.

Karen and Theressa plan to post monthly videos to address the student body on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

“Overall we want to reach out to students so the students don’t have to reach out to us,” Caudillo said.

Campus Life

Brad and Breon want to advocate for alcoholic beverages to be sold at UCF sporting events, restore the Student Union’s “Study Union” program to 24 hours a day during finals and install lights on the outdoor basketball court by the Towers apartment complex on UCF’s main campus.

Josh and Jad want to create a “Farmer’s Market Day” on campus where students can showcase their artwork, products and talents.

Karen and Theressa plan to provide more events and services for students taking night classes such as giving out snacks and drinks during finals in the evening. They also want to develop a plan for more healthy food on campus such as vegan and vegetarian options.

For a comprehensive look at the candidate’s platforms, visit their websites: BradandBreon, JoshandJad and KarenandTheressa.

Voting for UCF SGA presidential elections is held March 5 through March 7 on myUCF.com.edu.