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The Focus is here to help you focus on what matters. We want you to report on important issues in your community while gaining the skills needed to survive in journalism and countless other industries.

If you’re planning on spending 9 to 5 in a cubicle, then this isn’t for you.

Want to go into politics? Cover the Student Government Association. Want to go into marketing? Take control of our social media accounts. Graphic designer? Handle our digital graphics. Want to rattle some cages? Write an opinion column.

Working for a student paper will give you skills that’ll benefit your career, regardless of industry.


  • Minimum of one (1) semester completed at UCF
  • Willing to make a commitment of at least one (1) semester to the Focus
  • Able to spend at least 20 hours per week working with students and Focus staff on content and projects
  • Able to meet deadlines
  • Adherence to AP Style guidelines

Responsibilities for editors:

  • Assign special projects to contributors and staffers
  • Review and edit content
  • Assist other editors with their duties
  • Assist writers with assignments
  • Attend relevant meetings
  • Publish received content within a set timeframe

Join our team

Please complete all sections of the application in order to be considered for a position.