SGA senators meet Thursday night.

New associate vice president and dean of students speaks to SGA about student involvement goals


Adrienne Otto Frame, the new UCF associate vice president and dean of students, was introduced at the SGA senate meeting Thursday.

Frame gave a speech to the senate where she explained that she began at UCF on Jan. 6 and looked forward to working for the school and for the students.

“This represents for me a total dream job,” Frame said. “I hope all of you get to have your dream job at some point.”

She said that her interest is getting to know the students and the priorities of the students in order to help them along the way and be able to support those priorities.

“If I could rewrite the title of this position, it would be associate vice president and dean with students, not dean of students,” Frame said.

Getting students involved is the immediate goal. In her speech to the senate, she encouraged students to call up their peers and invite them out to club meetings or even lunch to get them engaged and connected to the community and campus.

“I’m so overwhelmed about the kinds of things that we offer students,” Frame said.

Frame also opened up her office on the second floor of Millican Hall for any students that feel the need to speak with her.

Andjie Jeudy was also elected to judicial council seat two.

“I truly believe that this position will allow me to make a difference in the student body here at UCF,” Jeudy said.

Jeudy moved here from Haiti when she was 16 years old after an earthquake. She decided to major in biomedical sciences to save lives after witnessing the devastation in her country.

Being a part of the judicial leadership council and having shadowed justices at UCF is what she said qualifies her for the position.

“This candidate has the right character for the job and has the right temperament for the job,” said Jacob Milich, a senator of the College of Business Administration.

After a short debate, Jeudy was elected with 30 votes.