Photo by Daniel Bair. Members of the UCF College Democrats stand in solidarity with the people of Orlando as they rally to protect the Affordable Care Act.

Column: Resistance to President Trump ignites hope


Our current president is a dangerous, incompetent, hateful, fear-mongering man. I will stand by my words and continue to say them for as long as I can, until the free press gets shut down and the fear consumes us or until we have new leadership. I have frequently said that this presidency is no longer an issue of Republican versus Democrat.

This presidency and its implications are larger than politics.  Its an issue of moral versus immoral, of progression versus regression, of acceptance versus hatred. He is the worst president that my generation has seen and he stands for everything that I oppose.

But I still have hope. The power of hope is something that can never be underestimated. It is so powerful, so vital, and it serves as the motivation that keeps me and my generation motivated to resist, to strive to be better.

After Trump’s inauguration, I attended the Women’s March in Tallahassee and I was blown away by how many millennials were in attendance. It seemed like the majority of the crowd was made up of college aged students and people in their twenties. My social media was full of my friends from all over the country attending various marches, making their voices known.

People say that millennials are lazy and privileged but everyday I encounter people my age who are actively fighting that stereotype. They organize political events and protests and they are willing to extend love and help to anyone that needs it. They speak out and make their voices known. They are activists, organizers, and leaders of the resistance.

Our generation is the most accepting and most tolerant of any that has come before us. We care about human rights, animal rights, reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, the environment, gun control, mental health, and more. We deeply care about the world and the human beings that inhabit it.

So I have hope. I feel like our generation will take the lead and will refuse to give in to the current political climate. We will rise about and fight for hope, dignity, and acceptance. We will fight for each other, for our beliefs, and be remembered by generations to come for being on the right side of history.

Jillian James is a contributing writer for the Central Florida Focus. Every week she will be posting her column on her insight to political affairs. You can email her at