Photo by Shana Medel. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump vowed to do away with Obamacare and Common Core State Standards if elected into office at a rally held at the CFE Arena on Saturday, March 5.

Florida turns red, Trump barely wins Sunshine State


In a close race alternating between 45 percent to 48 percent in the final hours, Republican candidate Donald Trump officially won Florida.

Trump, who has been hitting the Sunshine State hard this week, visited the Orlando fairgrounds Thursday to rally for his candidacy for president.

Trump’s student supporters advocated for the Republican candidate Tuesday afternoon outside UCF’s student union.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton had also hit the swing state hard. She recently visited Sanford and had Obama rally in Orlando for her twice in one week.

Clinton, who recently spoke in the pouring rain in Pembroke Pines, made efforts to solidify young voters throughout Florida.

A Florida win has put Trump 29 electoral votes closer to winning the title of President of the United States.