Photo by Amanda Pham. Rally attendees gathered to support President Donald Trump in downtown Orlando Saturday afternoon.

Hundreds rally in downtown Orlando to support Trump


More than 200 people gathered at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando Saturday afternoon to support President Donald Trump.

“I am very happy with what President Trump has been doing,” said Artur Magiera, a UCF senior pre-clinical health sciences major. “I like that he’s working on increasing employment rates, vetting of illegal immigrants and the list goes on. He is definitely more of an action president.”

Rally attendees gathered around Lake Eola at noon. According to the Main Street Patriots organization, small “Spirit of America” rallies were hosted across the nation at the exact same time to show support for Trump’s “Contract with the American Voter” because “blue collar voters helped propel President Trump to victory, and these rallies [helped] provide those forgotten voices a mechanism so they can be heard.”

Greg Laios, a 53-year-old attendee, said Trump is keeping his campaign promises and has done more in a month than any other president.

“He is getting the ball rolling, and it is only going to get better,” Laios said.

David Oliu, 18, a UCF freshman biology major, said he voted for Trump because of Trump’s policies and capitalistic views. Oliu said Trump has been upholding the conservative values he agrees with, such as lowering taxes.

Ron Runde, 55, said he thinks Trump is doing a fantastic job.

“There are so many things involved with making America great again, and that is hard to do when facing opposition from every direction,” Runde said. “But, if anyone is going to do it, I think it’s him. Given a chance, I think he is going to do everything he promised, short of putting Hillary in jail. I don’t think that is going to happen.”

While hundreds attended the rally in support of Trump, some attendees had something different in mind. 

Ashley Perez, a student at the University of South Florida, said she just wanted to see who would show up.

“There are definitely more people here than I thought would show up,” Perez, 21, said. “People are genuinely happy here and content with him as president. I honestly don’t know how I feel about that. It is interesting.”

Perez said Trump’s travel ban was a violation of the Constitution and affected people at her school who were unable to come back to the United States for a while. She said she has friends who are on ObamaCare and are not going to have health insurance anymore because of Trump’s agenda.

“This affects me because I am a big person on human rights,” Perez said. “I think he has been doing very poorly as president.”