Photo via Gage Skidmore on Flickr.

Opinion: Trump’s lewd tapes prove he is unfit for presidency


On Oct. 7, The Washington Post released a tape of Donald Trump in 2005 saying lewd, horrendous things about women. He talked about grabbing women by their p—y [female genitalia] and being unable to stop himself from kissing them.

Trump’s sense of entitlement should disgust anyone who even remotely respects women. Not only does he judge women by their bodies, but he believes that it is his right to make sexual advances on them. It doesn’t even cross his mind that a woman’s body is not his right to touch or judge.

Women are valid, intelligent and amazing contributors to society. We are changing the world in so many positive ways. We are more than the sum of our parts. We are minds. We are thoughts and feelings. We are doctors and lawyers and teachers and mothers, and very soon, one of us will be president.

Both Republicans and Democrats have spoken out and said that they disapprove of the comments made by Trump. Both George Bush and Barack Obama understand that women have worth and have appointed women to high positions of political power. This is not a Democrat versus Republican issue. It’s a moral one.

In the wake of the scandal, some people tried to excuse Trump’s behavior by saying that he was using “locker room talk.” Students on the UCF campus argued that “I’ve heard worse in my fraternity” or from their friends.

To these people I say this: Really think about what you are saying. The fact that this kind of language is acceptable in any situation is disturbing to me. Would you want someone to talk to your sister or cousin or girlfriend or best friend like that? Instead of remaining passive become an act of change. When you are breaking down women into, to quote Trump, a “p—y,” or a pair of breasts you are making us into nothing more than objects. Here’s a newsflash — women are people. We have valid and important thoughts in our pretty little heads.

When men like Trump assess the value of women by the size of their breasts or the attractiveness of their faces, then they hold all the power. If we are only judged by our looks, then we will never be able to truly be taken seriously as leaders and intellectuals in society. It sets us back.

More and more young women are entering the political arena, including some strong Republican women. These are amazing, driven girls. They are the next generation and they will create a modern GOP. I may not agree with all their views, but I respect their drive, their hustle and their determination. But you know who doesn’t? Trump.

No matter what political party you belong to, no matter your gender, you should not accept this kind of language from a major political candidate. Our country made historical progress by electing Obama and now it feels like regression. Hatred, sexism, and bigotry is not the answer. Raising strong, empowered, brilliant women will be incredibly difficult when our leaders spew misogyny.

However, this election will come to a brilliant ironic conclusion when Hillary Clinton becomes out first female president. Here’s to America and all the incredible women who live in this country. I love and respect you all.


Photo via Gage Skidmore on Flickr.