Nick Larkins addressed senate Thursday.

SGA presidential candidates address senate


At the senate meeting Thursday, the presidential election was a main topic as both candidates addressed the senate.

Josh Boloña and Jad Shalhoub remained positive after their loss to Nick Larkins and Cristina Barreto Wednesday by 52.5 percent.

“I just want to express how happy I am to have worked with some of you guys and have met a lot of y’all,” Shalhoub said.

Although there has been a lot of back and forth between the two candidates, Shalhoub thinks unity is the next focus.

“It’s important that we are united as a government in the interest of serving the students,” Shalhoub said.

Shalhoub also said that many doors have opened from this experience and he is also looking to continue serving and is interested in working with senate.

“This election shouldn’t be personal,” said Jacob Milich, a senator for the College of Buisness Administration. “We should not make assumptions for every new president.”

Jay Faylo, supervisor of elections, was not only pleased with the almost record number of votes of 11,435 as compared to the about 4,000 from last year, but also showed admiration to the losing candidates.

“I admire them very much for continuing their service to the university,” Faylo said.

Crystian Cepeda, speaker of the senate, said he would like the senators to make sure that their voice is always heard and to bridge the gap in making sure that students are educated.

Boloña, senator for the College of Engineering and Computer Science, gave his thanks to the senate while also saying that his best decision throughout the campaign was choosing Shalhoub as his running mate.

“I couldn’t imagine myself going through that with anyone else,” Boloña said. “My biggest fear was letting people down that supported us.”

Boloña also plans on continuing to work for the university as he said he wants to make sure that every student gets outreached.

As Larkins gave his chief of staff report, he apologized to the senate for the controversial Facebook post he made at the beginning of the campaign saying there needed to be more responsible allocations of funds. Larkins said he thinks all three branches in student government could be more fiscally responsible.

He said the post was not meant to be a direct attack and said he understood that it came across a “certain way.”

“I do look forward to working with every single one of you, every single justice and every single cabinet member that Cristina and I will be putting together over the next several months,” Larkins said.

Other business included the announcement that the student discount for Uber begins Friday at 8 p.m.

According to Robert Sells, facillities, safety and transportation coordinator, there will also be a push app available for the Uber code to receive half off of student rides.