UCF students Christopher John Corsini (left) and Patrick Michael Munoz (right).

Two UCF students arrested for selling drugs on campus


The UCF Police Department arrested two UCF students last week following an investigation into reported drug activity, according to department incident reports.

Patrick Michael Munoz, 18, was charged with possession of LSD and marijuana with an intent to sell within 1,000 feet of a college, according to the report.

Christopher John Corsini was charged with trafficking one gram or more of LSD; possession of cannabis and cocaine with intention to sell within 1,000 feet of a school; possession of ecstasy; alprazolam, an anti-anxiety drug also known as Xanax; and tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive compound found in marijuana, according to the report.

The investigation of Munoz, who claimed to be “the biggest drug dealer at UCF” in the report, began after a Nov. 28 report was made by two students on UCF’s main campus who overdosed after taking several tabs of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD), according to the report.

One of the students had to be taken to the hospital, according to the arrest report. 

“The student who overdosed is OK and receiving support from UCF,” a Thursday UCF PD Facebook posts reads.

The report stated an officer met with a UCF confidential informant on Nov. 29 who provided information about a drug dealer named “Patrick.”

Patrick” was later identified as Munoz, who is from Miami, according to the arrest report.

The informant bought drugs several months ago using the social media app Snapchat, according to the report.

The informant also told officers he bought five tabs of LSD for $40 and $20 worth of marijuana from a UCF student he identified as Corsini, according to the report.

The report stated the student purchased drugs inside Corsini’s dorm room located inside of the Hercules Community behind the UCF Recreation and Wellness Center.

“The drugs they were dealing were particularly dangerous, as evidenced by the overdose, and we will not tolerate this type of activity on our campus,” the UCF PD Facebook statement reads.

18-year-old Corsini, of Orlando, was named as the supplier of the LSD that led to the overdose, according to the Facebook post mentioned earlier from UCF PD.

“A subsequent police investigation led to Munoz arrest last week, and Corsini turned himself into jail yesterday,” UCF PD spokeswoman Courtney Gilmartin said by email on Friday.

As UCF PD investigated the supplier of LSD, Munoz was mentioned as another drug dealer, according to the Facebook statement.

“We believe the two know each other and engaged in this sort of activity together,” the post read.

On Dec. 4, UCF PD contacted William Montgomery, a UCF student who bought drugs from Munoz in the past, to communicate with Munoz via Snapchat in an attempt to buy an ounce of marijuana, according to the report.

Montgomery asked him to meet on top of the Libra Parking Garage on UCF’s main campus but met at a nearby cul-de-sac because there were “too many cops” by the garage, according to the report.

Before Munoz drove to meet Montgomery, UCF PD Sergeant Scott Freeman located Munoz’s red 2009 Nissan 4D inside the parking garage at the Marquee Apartment Complex and then pulled him over on UCF’s campus for driving 20 mph over the speed limit, according to the report.

The report stated an officer found two bags of marijuana, one weighing 29.7 grams and the other 13.2 grams, in the vehicle.

Munoz eventually admitted he planned on selling the marijuana to someone who contacted him through Snapchat and then consented to have his on-campus apartment in Sumter Hall in the Libra community searched.

At the time of his arrest, Munoz told the officer he “sold thousands of dollars worth of drugs on campus,” according to the report.

Detectives searched Munoz’s bedroom but did not find any illegal drugs. The officer believed Munoz stashed drugs somewhere else before the incident, according to the arrest affidavit.

Munoz took officers to a friend’s apartment at the Marquee and gave them a bag he said he stashed in the bedroom closet, according to the arrest affidavit.

The report stated the bag contained 283 grams of a substance presumed to be marijuana and 0.1 grams of LSD.

According to the report, after cooperating with police, Munoz said he wanted to change his life and stop selling drugs.