Photo by Thalia Torres. From left to right: Aisha T., a 20-year-old biology major, and Olivia W., a 20-year-old marketing and hospitality management major.

UCF College Democrats protest President Donald Trump’s inauguration


The UCF College Democrats hosted a sit-in protest Friday morning in response to the 45th President Donald Trump inauguration ceremony.

This took place in the Student Union to bring together like minded people who are concerned about Trump taking office. All students were welcomed to participate by holding a sign while taking a seat around the UCF Pegasus seal.

“I want to show people who are scared and worried about today that there are people who still are going to stand up for them, and there’s always a community standing up for what’s right,” said Chris Huckleberry, a 17-year-old freshman nursing major.

The College Democrats sat around the UCF Pegasus seal in the middle of the Student Union with signs demonstrating what problems they face with the newly elected president. Signs ranged from “sexism is not normal” to “American land of the freedom to protest.”

“The Pegasus represents the heart of our school, so we’re here in the heart of campus showing that students are upset and students are concerned,” said Audrey Widner, a 19-year-old sophomore writing and rhetoric major and College Democrats member.

The College Democrats reached out to other organizations on campus to partner with during the protest, including the National Organization for Women. 

“My goal at the end of the day is to ensure that students know that we stand with them,” said Josafat Alvarez, a 19-year-old sophomore political science major with NOW. “I hope that when students see us that they feel uplifted even through everything that happens.”

Students not affiliated with any of the organizations were also invited to participate. As students came into the Student Union, they could also grab a sign and sit with the others to protest.

Victoria Torres, a 21-year-old junior communication sciences and disorders major, was on her way to get lunch when she spotted the group protesting with signs that were in line with her beliefs about the inauguration.

Torres wanted to raise awareness about Trump’s ideologies throughout his campaign, so she joined the sit-in protest.

“I want people to recognize how not normal all of this is,” Torres said.

According to Michael Hodapp, the president of the College Democrats, they consider this event a success as over 25 of their members showed up for the sit in.

“We received a large amount of support and thanks for rejecting Trump’s hate,” said Hodapp, a 20-year-old junior accounting major. “We will continue to be the leading progressive voice on campus through events that counter hate and spread love and equality.”