Photo by Thalia Torres. Joseph Nash, a 17-year-old sophomore sociology and psychology major from Valencia College, is holding a sign protesting President Donald Trump.

UCF organizations protest for undocumented immigrants


In an effort to rally students who disagree with President Donald Trump’s administration, the Knights for Socialism and the Eleven Nine Coalition came together Friday in order to fight toward turning the University of Central Florida into a sanctuary school for undocumented immigrants.

Outside of the John T. Washington Center Breezeway on campus, the Eleven Nine Coalition created a display of the Trump wall where students passing by could write what the wall means to them and their fears that come with it.

The Eleven Nine Coalition began after the presidential election in November in order to maintain equality and organize against bigotry.

Due to the repeal of the DACA, which provides protection for undocumented immigrants, by Trump’s administration, a petition to allow the university to become a sanctuary school was the main focus of the protest.

“We want to protect every student here because we believe every student at UCF deserves an education,” said Michael Desmond, a 19-year-old sophomore international and global studies major and finance chairman for the Eleven Nine Coalition.

According to Alexander Molenaar, a 22-year-old senior political science major and secretary of the Eleven Nine Coalition, the petition was created specifically to provide legal services and to ensure that it was harder for authorities to access the undocumented students without warrants.

Students passing by were able to relate to the cause and were not hesitant with signing the petition.

“If you’re already living here and you have your family, you have your children, you wouldn’t want to be kicked out from the country,” said Norhan Yousely, a 23-year-old senior industrial engineering major.

Another student agreed.

“I didn’t imagine that things would be this horrific,” said Nikki Stephens, an 18-year-old freshman international relations major. “I was actually a bit of a mild person on Trump until recent events.”

The Knights for Socialism and Eleven Nine Coalition protested and collected signatures for the petition until 7 p.m.

Next steps for the organizations are dependent upon what Trump’s administration plans to implement next.

“First, we’ve got to see what Trump does, and then the second he does anything we’re going to be there to resist it,” said Dylan Tyer, a 19-year-old sophomore political science major and president of the Knights of Socialism.