UCF PD makes arrest in string of groping incidents


The UCF Police Department arrested UCF student Abdullah Mohammed Zaman on Friday for his possible connection to reports of groping on UCF’s main campus.

A Friday UCF Alert states that Zaman was arrested on three counts of battery and one count of attempted battery. The alert also states that UCF PD intends to file a fifth battery charge.

The first incident happened on Nov. 28, 2017, according to a UCF PD report. Since then, four more incidents with similar circumstances were reported. The most recent incident was on Jan. 22.

According to an arrest warrant, the five victims were shown a line-up of suspects’ photographs and four of them identified the same man: Zaman.

UCF PD detectives met with 30-year-old Zaman on two separate occasions for a non-custodial —  not in custody —  interview. When told that he was positively identified in a photo line-up, Zaman denied being involved and said “She [a victim] must be confused,” according to the warrant.

“The reason we were able to make this arrest was because of good police work, tips from the community, great witnesses and the technology the university has installed over the last few years,” UCF PD Chief Richard Beary said in a video statement.

A sketch of the suspect described by witnesses was created on Jan. 25 by the Orlando Police Department.

UCF PD detectives also used video surveillance and digital key logs of when the incidents were reported to compare to Zaman’s alibi. In every incident, Zaman was found to be on UCF’s main campus, according to the arrest warrant.

During the latest incident, Zaman was reportedly seen waiting in Parking Garage C. Although much of Zaman’s timeline aligned with the victim’s report, Zaman denied being involved and said he was waiting for his wife to pick him up.

The report states Zaman said he was in Baskin Robbins buying his daughter ice cream around the time of the incident, which was disproved by video surveillance records.

“Remember, if you see something, say something … It worked well on this case,” Beary said. “Our job is to keep you safe. Please continue to help us.”