Photo by Layla Ferris.

UCF PD: Tuesday threat toward UCF deemed hoax


A threatening phone call made to the UCF Police Department on Tuesday was deemed a hoax at a UCF PD press briefing held later that night.

An unknown male called the non-emergency police line around 5 p.m. on Tuesday and claimed to be on campus with weapons and made threats toward the campus community, UCF PD Deputy Chief of Police Carl Metzger said.

The details of the call are being withheld per active Criminal Investigation – Section 119.071(2) (c) 1, F.S., which is a law that exempts active criminal investigative information from Florida’s public record laws, UCF PD spokeswoman Courtney Gilmartin said in an email on Wednesday.

A UCF Alert was issued via text message at 5:26 p.m. to notify the community about the phone call and urge people to report any suspicious activity.

Officers were deployed to highly populated areas but were mainly sent out as extra caution as the call was deemed no threat to the campus community and a hoax, Metzger said.

“UCF Police officers canvased campus to look for suspicious activity while investigators attempted to maintain contact with the caller, who clearly sounded as if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol,” Gilmartin said in an email on Tuesday.

Another UCF Alert was issued via text message around 7 p.m. that stated there was no imminent threat but police were still continuing enhanced patrol.

“Unfortunately these hoaxes have been going on around Central Florida over the last year or so, and we have been fortunate not to suffer that up until now,” Metzger said.

An active investigation is taking place to try and find the identity of the caller, Metzger said

“When we find the identity of this person there will be severe criminal consequences,” Metzger said.

A UCF men’s basketball game and Light Up UCF are continuing as planned with additional police in the surrounding area, Gilmartin said.

“UCF Police officers will continue to maintain a heavy presence on campus throughout the night and in the days ahead,” she said.