Photo by Samantha Bequer.

UCF professor receives $324,000 toward forensic research on rape


Candice Bridge, a Ph.D. professor at UCF, was awarded a $324,000 grant from the National Institute of Justice to fund research into new forensic science techniques for sexual assault investigations and the identification of rapists without DNA evidence.

In addition, a portion of the grant will go toward a postdoctoral researcher and a fellowship for a Ph.D. graduate student.

“It’s an important line of research that has become even more important as rapists attempt to elude capture by covering their DNA tracks after an assault,” Bridge said in an interview with rollingout.

Bridge conducted preliminary research to demonstrate that it was possible to distinguish between lubricant samples often found in sexual assault cases.

The research team will have access to state of the art technology reserved for the FBI and select federal and state forensic laboratories.

Bridge also received a service contract with the Orlando Public Defender’s Office for an educational website and an In-House Award from UCF for additional research on lubricant properties prior to forensic analysis.