Senate meeting Thursday night.

UCF senators prepare for the Day at the Capitol event


The UCF senators discussed Thursday night the Day at the Capitol event SGA has planned for the students. On March 28, SGA will be filling a bus with UCF students eager to learn in-depth about the government and bringing them to Tallahassee.

According to Jeff Strange, legislative affairs coordinator, students will get the opportunity to meet with legislators in groups of two or three. There will also be an educational opportunity for students to watch firsthand the legislators in action or in a committee meeting.

Legislators who have been productive in benefiting UCF will be recognized at a reception by those students attending.

“It’s a great time,” Strange said. “Both the students and the elected officials really enjoy it, especially those who have a direct connection to UCF either as alumni or just representing the Central Florida community.”

Some advocacy points that SGA plans on moving forward with at the Day at the Capitol include the improvement of the Bright Futures scholarship program.

After Rep. Amber Mariano announced the filing of two bills in order to help alleviate financial burdens for students earlier this year, SGA is going to help get these bills passed for the students.

“Students should have the ability to get an education on their terms without having to take off the summer semester because it’s unaffordable,” Mariano said in a press release.

Mental health, campus safety and ways to make the excess credit hour surcharge most beneficial for students are among these advocacy points.

The Day at the Capitol is open to all active students on campus. In order to be considered, students must fill out an interest form that is available for two weeks and opened Friday. The interest form is available on the SGA website or through its social media.

Jay Faylo, supervisor of elections, discussed the SGA presidential debate, which will be on March 24 at 6 p.m. Nicholson School of Communication will live stream the debate through its Facebook page, which will be moderated by a radio-television student chosen through closed auditions.

According to Faylo, questions for the candidates will be predetermined, but they will also be taking a few questions through the live feed.

Whether students will be able to attend has not yet been determined due to space availability in the studio that will host the debate.