UCF SGA amendment aims to make Student Body Constitution more understandable


UCF students will vote during the UCF SGA presidential election on an amendment to the SGA Student Body Constitution meant to make its wording more straightforward.

UCF SGA’s newest edition of “Amplify Your Voice,” a monthly newsletter, notified students about the upcoming opportunity to vote on Constitutional Amendment 50-01, according to a Monday Facebook post by UCF SGA. The election runs from March 5 to 7.

“Constitutional Amendment 50-01 was created to update an antiquated Constitution and make it more digestible for the Student Body. This allows, ideally, for students to have easier access to the laws that govern SGA,” Rick Schoppe, vice chair of Legislative, Judicial, and Rules Committee, said in a Wednesday email.

The amendment will make the constitution “easier to read and understand,” according to the post. In the revision, several omissions and alterations were made to the text.

One proposed change is to the section that outlines referendum elections. It is labeled Section 4 under Article I, but the amendment would condense and rename the section to “1.04.” 

The amendment also changes phrasing in certain parts of the constitution, omitting words that were deemed superfluous, such as minor changes to text in Article II, Section 1, which deals with Legislative Authority.

The section reads: “The legislative authority powers of the Student Body shall be vested in the Student Senate hereinafter referred to as the Senate.” The proposed amendment would change it to read: “The legislative powers of the Student Body shall be vested in the Student Body Senate.”

The amendment is the result of months of continuous work from dedicated senators, Schoppe said.

Students can cast their votes for the presidential election and the constitutional amendment on MyUCF.com.