UCF SGA Cap and Gown Scholarship typo leads students to question $8.50 award


A UCF student caught a typo in the wording of the UCF Student Government Cap and Gown Scholarship that led students to believe the scholarship grants $8.50 off cap and gowns.

“I’m curious if it’s a typo and maybe meant to be $85, considering the cheapest rental is well over $70 bucks,” she said in the post.

Travis, a senior majoring in psychology, said she was still going to apply but hoped the award amount was wrong.

Students are required to wear official caps and gowns for graduation, which can be rented from the UCF Bookstore or online through Herff Jones for $79.98, according to the Herff Jones website.

The UCF Student Government Cap and Gown Scholarship shows an award of $8.50.

Students made jokes about the award for a day with no word from SGA and no response from UCF SGA Scholarship Committee Chairman Kyler Gray.

“10% of the way there,” Frank Infante, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance last spring, said on the post. Travis joked that she would grab a coffee before graduation with the award money.

College of Health and Public Affairs Sen. Sierra Scott joined the online conversation Tuesday night and confirmed the error and said the correct award is $85.

To apply students must intend to graduate this spring, have a GPA of at least 2.5 and include an essay with a maximum of 250 words on how UCF has personally enriched the applicant’s life.

The Herff Jones “graduation regalia” package includes a cap, gown and tassel. The cap and tassel can be kept, but the gown must be returned to the UCF Bookstore after the graduation ceremony, the website states.

The scholarship is granted through Scholarships A2O (Access to Opportunities), which is a scholarship application system that allows applicants to complete a one-time application that is used to apply for more than 100 scholarships, according to UCF’s Office of Student Financial Assistance’s website.

Image courtesy of Pexels.com