UCF SGA Senate appoints members, passes bills and resolutions


During the second meeting of the 50th UCF Student Body Senate, three bills that would provide more than $9,000 to Registered Student Organizations passed through the first reading.

Bill 50-01 was referred to the Financial Allocations for Organizations committee (FAO). This committee allocates money from the Senate Working Fund to RSO’s. This bill would provide $2,873.50 for members of the Caribbean Student Association (CSA) to host a Mr. and Miss CSA Scholarship Pageant in the Student Union Pegasus Grand Ballroom.

Bill 50-03 and 50-04 were referred to the CRT. If approved, Bill 50-03 would provide $2,520 for 12 members of Student Personnel Association to travel to the National Association of Personnel Administrators Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Bill 50-04 would approve $3,755 for 12 members of American Chemical Society (ACS) to travel to the 255th ACS National Meeting and Exposition in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

The bills still need to pass second and third reading, which is when debate occurs and possible amendments are made. After a bill passes all three readings, it needs to be approved by Student Body President Nick Larkins and Student Body Vice President Cristina Barreto.

The Senate took an almost 2-hour break Thursday night to allow for Fiscal Committee Caucus time. During this time, 15 minutes are allocated to any fiscal committee requesting a caucus.

The Conference, Registration and Travel Committee (CRT) requested the caucus to discuss allocation of funds and bills for travel, registration and conference expenses for individual UCF students and RSOs.

The break took so long due to missed meetings caused by Hurricane Irma, Sen. Natalie Caballero said.

“Conferences could not last this long. This ate up close to two hours of our time, and I’m sorry. We have to hold ourselves to a higher standard,” Speaker of the Senate Joshua Boloña said.

After passing all three bills, the Senate appointed members to the Senate Leadership Councilwhich gives UCF students the opportunity to learn the procedures and tasks performed by student senators, according to its website.

Sen. Jeremy Batista was appointed external legislative assistant, Sen. Emily Nole was appointed internal legislative assistant, Caballero was appointed deputy pro tempore of legislative affairs and Sen. Annalise Bockin was appointed deputy pro tempore of senate operations.

Toward the end of the meeting, one resolution was updated and another resolution was created, both passing through second reading.

Resolution 50-01 is an update to Senate Rule Two: Standing and Ad Hoc Committees. If approved, changes would be made to improve the resolution’s application.

“This resolution is to change some of the titles of positions in Senate Rule Two regarding the Student Body Ad Hoc Committee and also to lengthen the amount of time to vote for Legislative Priorities in a Special Session,” Sen. Corey Marcous said. 

Resolution 50-02, the creation of Ad Hoc Committee: Statute Review and Update Committee, states the Statute Review and Update Committee be created as an Ad Hoc Committee to reduce errors and improve clarity.

The Student Body Senate and Senate Rules currently possess flaws that hinder SGA and lead to misinterpretation and vague legislation, according to the resolution.

The resolutions still need to pass third reading and be signed by Speaker of the Senate Joshua Boloña and Senate President Pro Tempore Sierra Scott in order to take effect. 

The bills and resolutions discussed at this meeting will continue going through the approval process over the span of the next couple meetings.