UCF SGA Senate meeting awards more than $46,000 in funding, passes bills, resolutions


The fifth UCF SGA Senate meeting awarded more than $46,000 in funding to Registered Student Organizations on Thursday.

The meeting adjourned at 1:10 a.m. after back-and-forth discussions about funding for Registered Student Organizations, conferences and travel fees.

In total, 23 bills and five resolutions were passed, except for bill 50-14, which was postponed due to time constraints.

Of the 28 pieces of legislation discussed, seven fiscal bills passed the third reading and two internal legislation bills were passed.

After a bill passes the third reading, it must be approved by Student Body President Nick Larkins and Student Body Vice President Cristina Barreto. Changes to the Constitution of the Student Body are referred to as internal legislation, according to the UCF SGA website.

Fiscal bill 50-16 passed second reading and was the most notable of the night.

The bill would provide $14,260 for 15 members of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) to construct a Baja car for Baja SAE Kansas, which is a series of competitions that task engineering students with designing and building an off-road vehicle that can withstand rough terrain, according to the Baja SAE website.

SAE brought in their formula and Baja cars to show the Senate what the money would go toward. A Baja car is a type of car submitted into SAE competitions and must adhere to SAE rules and inspections, according to the Baja SAE website.

SAE President Anthony Sergi poses next to one of the cars the club designed. SGA meeting, Nov. 3, 2017. Photo by Elisa Ramirez.

College of Education Sen. Ashley Samson and College of Arts and Humanities Sen. Antoine Fields agreed it was a worthy bill, they said.

“It all sounds very interesting, and I like that they’re [SAE] being recognized for their ingenuity as well from these competitions, so I think that this is a great opportunity,” Samson said.

All seven fiscal bills passed the third reading, and funding awarded to RSOs came to $46,862.93.

The most funding awarded, $10,169.52, went to the Multicultural Association of Pre-Health Students to send 24 members to the Student National Medical Association 2018 Annual Medical Education Conference in San Francisco, California, in the spring.

Many of the bills were passed with support from senators such as bill 50-09 that would award $10,064 to the National Society of Minorities of Hospitality to travel to the 29th Annual NSMH National Conference and Career Fair in Chicago, Illinois.

“I would like to speak in favor of this bill; we have talked about this bill twice and voted to pass it,” College of Sciences Sen. Karen Caudillo said. “I think it would be a great use of our money, so I highly encourage to vote in favor of it.”

Bill 50-05 was backed by College of Medicine Sen. Erika Lytle and would award $7,659.04 to the College Republicans to the Conservative Political Action Committee in National Harbor, Maryland.

“Not only is this conference beneficial to the College Republican members in regards to learning about elections and meeting guests, but they also showed to be fiscally responsible by asking for a reduced price in the hotels, so I urge you all to vote in favor of this bill,” Lytle said.

The Student Personnel Association received $7,080 to travel to the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; The American Chemical Society (ACS) was awarded $4,991.31 to travel to the 255th ACS National Meeting and Exposition in New Orleans, Louisiana; The Student Athletic Trainer’s Organization was funded $3,926.56 to travel to the 33rd Annual SEATA Athletic Training Student Symposium in Atlanta, Georgia; and the Muslims Student Association was awarded $2,972.50 to host the Fast-A-Thon in the Student Union Pegasus Ballroom.

Referred to as “resolutions” by Speaker of the Senate Joshua Boloña, internal legislative bills 50-02 and 50-07 were passed with a vote count of 36-0-0 and 24-2-1 respectively.

Bill 50-02 passed an update to Title VIII of the Student Body Constitution, The Finance Code, and is meant to efficiently inform the Senate of passed financial allocations by enforcing the Conference, Registration and Travel (CRT) Committee to report all allocations at senate meetings.

Bill 50-07 also updated Title VIII. It’s meant to create a more efficient Scholarship Committee, which will allow for faster production of scholarships by enforcing the Scholarship Committee meet as many times as deemed necessary to hear proposals and develop scholarship programs.

The next UCF SGA Senate meeting will be held in the Student Union Cape Florida Ballroom on UCF’s main campus on Thursday, Nov. 9.