Steven James Marshall was arrested on UCF's campus late Tuesday night.

UCFPD arrests armed trespasser on campus


The UCF Police Department arrested a 45-year-old armed white man for trespassing on campus late Tuesday night. The suspect was attempting to break into vending machines, according to the arrest affidavit.

Steven James Marshall was seen on campus Tuesday night by two officers on foot patrol. The night shift officers were made aware of the suspect at the start of their shift and kept an eye out during their patrol.

Marshall was just released from prison and returned to vandalize the UCF campus for the third time in six years. Marshall has been arrested for trespassing on UCF’s campus in 2011, again in 2014 and most recently on Tuesday, according to Courtney Gilmartin, a UCFPD spokeswoman.

UCFPD Chief Richard Beary said Marshall carries a tire iron or a pry bar to break into vending machines and steal the coins from them.

According to the arrest affidavit, Marshall provided the officers with a fake name and attempted to resist arrest. He concealed the tire iron in the waistband of his pants, and when the officers asked him about it he claimed he was using it for protection.

Once arrested, Marshall was taken to a holding cell and became combative toward officers, according to the arrest affidavit. He was then required to wear a spit mask and a hobble device.

Marshall broke the glass door of the holding cell by kicking it, then was transferred to another holding cell where he threatened to spit on officers and removed the hobble restraints placed on him.

Earlier that morning, a vendor on campus reported several machines that were tampered with. The vendor reported it UCF, which led UCFPD to believe this was a repeat offender.

“The wheels started turning. We know who’s done this type of stuff in the past. We check and see that he’s out of prison and it’s not a coincidence … so the officers took care of it,” Gilmartin said.

Marshall has committed similar crimes around the Central Florida area, not limiting himself to UCF’s main campus.

Beary said Marshall comes to campus during times of high-traffic, when it’s easier to be let into buildings on campus. Often, he pretends to be a student or someone else on official university business.

“There’s no reason for him to be here. If he’s on this campus, he’s here to commit a crime, and we want to stop that from happening,” Beary said.

Beary encourages students to be aware on campus and to not let anyone in to buildings that they don’t know.

“You have a career criminal on our campus, who’s carrying a weapon. He’s a danger, not only to law enforcement, but he’s a danger to everybody here,” Beary said. “And that’s why we want to put him in prison for as long as we can. He’s not going to stop this behavior.”