Photo by Deanna Ferrante.

Update: Bruce Nathan’s security guards were within their rights to be armed


UCF Police initially believed the four armed security guards, who were working for third-party candidate Bruce Nathan when removed from UCF last night, were unable to be armed on campus. However, the university issued an update stating that interpretation was incorrect.

The guards held class “G” licenses. After speaking with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, officers said that the four men were “within their rights to be armed,” according to a UCF press release.

Nathan and his guards were not invited to attend the first Senate debate between Republican Sen. Marco Rubio and Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy. Nevertheless, they attempted to enter the private event.

Police believe Nathan caused a disturbance in order to garner attention to himself. UCFPD “peacefully deescalated the situation” by detaining, searching and questioning Nathan and his guards.

“Despite the misinterpretation of the statute, police acted appropriately and lawfully, successfully deescalating a heated incident and allowing the debate to move forward with no further issue,” said UCFPD Public Information Officer Courtney Gilmartin in a press release.

Body camera footage and records related to the incident can be downloaded by clicking on this dropbox link.