Photo by Samantha Bequer. Guests that visit Wildflower Farm can experience "baby goat yoga." This experience includes playing, feeding and holding the goats that roam around the farm.

Wildflower Farm introduces baby goat yoga to Orlando


Appropriately referred to as, “A slice of heaven in the middle of Orlando,” Wildflower Farm combines cuteness and fitness on their Sunday mornings to bring a new twist to yoga.

Baby Goat Yoga is a program started by owner Linda Gutierrez, who heard of a similar class hosted in Oregon through Facebook and wanted to bring the program to her farm in Orlando.

“I thought it was an awesome idea. I know these [goats] are so much fun,” Gutierrez said. “The farm is popular during the spring time; the babies are being born and everybody wants to come visit and play.”

Participants follow along with a yoga instructor as goats run around the field. Holding branches throughout the yoga class, guests attract the goats and they have a chance to hold and feed the goats after class.

Each class has a different yoga instructor, offering an original perspective to each class.

Maya Usher, the yoga instructor during Sunday’s class, said she thought the idea was transformative and a great way to support local farms.

“Farming is not easy. It’s really a passion, and everyone I know that is farming is doing it for something bigger than just farming,” Usher said. “They are our food resources, and we want to anchor that and grow stronger in our community.”

Gutierrez and her husband have owned the farm since 1982. Her husband surprised her with goats one year for her birthday and has since expanded to sell raw goat milk for animals. Their farm also offers homemade soap and grows its own fruits and vegetables.

“It was the most wonderful experience,” Stephanie Gonzalez, a yoga class participant, said. “You’re able to stay focused, but when you lose your focus it’s for the cutest reason on the planet.”

In the future, Gutierrez said she hopes to host charity events and expand goat yoga to something bigger than what it is now. She has received positive feedback, and she wants to continue to give back to the community.

Wildflower Farm currently offers three activities on the farm: Goat Yoga, Party in the Pasture and Fables on the Farm. To sign up for one the activities, those interested can email

Each class is limited to 25-30 participants per class in order to maximize the opportunities to interact with the goats during the yoga session.

The classes began in March and will continue through the rest of the spring season. The remaining classes are booked, but Gutierrez is planning to add more as the season goes on.